The movie starts. The title shows up. It’s called ICE. “Oh, it’s gonna be about hackers, network, very fast computers,” I think and got a little surprised when a few minutes later it turns out it was about actual ice. Winter, snow, ice, you know.

So I am sitting in my room and think what’s wrong with me.

Why when I see ICE, I think computer.
Why, when I see SAND, I think spice.
Why, when I see ACE, I think amber.
Why, when I see POTATO, I think Mars.
Why, when I see PIGEON, I think Rutger.
Why when I see…

So tell me… How twisted is your mind? 🙂



Ignacy Trzewiczek

Ignacy Trzewiczek is designer of Robinson Crusoe, Imperial Settlers, Detective.. He published two books about game design — Board Games That Tell Stories.